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Billiard Blitz

Here you are about to play an online Pool game titled Billiard Blitz. As expected, this game takes place on a special table with specially marked balls/cues that are rather colourful according to the need of the game. The gamer will need to use some unique designed sticks to strike the colored balls with the white cues that serve as strikers. The main objective here in this particular game is to make brilliant shots to get the designated balls into the side pockets of the playing table. You should not strike the colored balls directly with the playing sticks. Always strike the white ball that should in turn strike the colored balls to get them rolling into the pockets. There are 6 unique and very well designed levels here in the game and each of them have lot of fun to offer. Hold mouse button down to set power and release it to strike the cue ball. Clear all the balls on the table within the time allowed. Potting the cue ball will incur a three seconds penalty which can actually prove to be very expensive in the context of the game play. In each level of the game, you will be given certain specification which you need to accomplish in order to unlock the newer levels of the game for more fun and excitement. As the levels increase, you will have more balls to pot and lesser time allowed for completing the tasks. If you fail to clear a level, you will need to restart that particular level and complete it successfully to qualify for the next level of this brilliant online game. The game has attractive graphics and soothing sound that combine together to ensure that you have fun beyond compare and as close to reality as possible.

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