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Billiards has always been a game played by the rich people due to the expenses associated with it and also because it kills many hours as the players most likely get very engrossed and absorbed in the game play. Thankfully, the online version of this free game is available for all and you can surely try out your skills on the virtual table, with virtual balls, and virtual gaming experience. This is kind of billiard popularly called ‘Moscow’. The player’s task is to beat such a way that the largest possible number of balls hit into special wells table. The game is played one ball (cue ball). When the cue ball pocketed, opponent shoots the ball from the field and cue is exposed back on the table. The black on the board has to be scored the last. The game ends when all the balls are pocketed. Use the mouse of the computer to adjust the angle and the force behind every shot that you make. This simple and addictive game has very nice graphics and soothing music that combines to add extra bit of excitement to the game. It is time you get to the Billiards table and put to use your skills and accuracy to prove that you have what it takes to be the ultimate champion.

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10 Responses to Billiards

  1. Jeffrey Johnson says:

    i am looking for a pool leage do have any opening now

  2. liton halder says:

    I like it !

  3. azis says:

    Kesukaanku biliards

  4. roanisa says:

    I never played this before but now im playing it.

  5. erikha says:


  6. steward says:

    I like play billiards

  7. shahwaes says:

    yar ye game kase lod ho ta he.

  8. zubair ap says:

    entertinment for every time

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