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There are various kinds of online Snooker, Pool or Billiard games but talking about distinction, Bizzle could well run away with the first prize. This particular online game does exceptionally well to combine puzzle game elements and billiard game elements. There are as many as 20 very well designed levels in the game that will surely serve a refreshing gaming experience for you as a novice or as a seasoned campaigner. Using the computer mouse, you need to adjust the power and perfectly set the direction of your shot to use the cue ball to strike the colored balls placed on the gaming table. In every level of the game, you will be allotted limited number of shots which you need to effectively use in order to clear all the balls on the table to move on to the next level where more challenges await to see your skills. The gaming area has nice colors very soothing to the eyes unlike most other games that look more untidy. You must be very careful while making the shots because you really do not want your scores to get reduced by getting the cue ball into any one of the pockets. Enter your name and start playing the game and later you can check to see where you stand in the global rankings that feature the top players from around the world. You can replay the game over and over again to set a record high score that no one can beat. Enjoy the music that plays from the background and start playing this particular online game where you can surely think of making it to the end of the final level with maximum points recorded against your name. Have fun!

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