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Blast Billiards 4

Blast Billiards 4 brings back the bombs in the two in this fourth version of the series. You can be ready for thorough entertainment playing through the 15 distinct levels of the amazingly exciting and addictive online game of Billiards. Complete each level of the game to unlock and play the next new levels that will always have some refreshingly new features that make the game play so interesting. In each challenging and distinct levels of the game, you will be given certain instructions to follow which you have to follow strictly in order to qualify for the new level. Illegal shots or actions will penalize you which is not good for you as it only increase the difficulties associated with the level. The main task in each level of the game is to make accurate and brilliant shots to pot the bombs in the specified time. Complete the levels of the game is least possible time and with least possible foul plays to earn maximum scores that will help you top the chart that includes best scores from top players from around the world. In order to get the best gaming experience, you should play this game as a registered player because only that allows you to play levels beyond the first one and also qualifies you to submit your scores. You must use the mouse of the computer to adjust the angle and the power behind each shot that you make but be quick because as mentioned before the time factor associated with the game will tend to hurry you which make the game slightly more difficult to master. The graphics of the game is simply outstanding. You will have fun playing this version of Blast Billiards.

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