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Deluxe Pool

There are many different and perhaps interesting versions of Pool game but it must be said that Deluxe Pool is no less promising than any other games that can be found and played online. Playing for high scores, this particular online game can be played in 1 Player mode or 2 Player mode. The goal of the game is to sink all the colored balls in the correct order. Using the white ball you have to aim at the lowest ball on the table. You are not allowed to sink further balls with your first ball. You will get a penalty sinking balls in the wrong order. The aiming aid shows you the direction of the white and the targeted ball. You can drag the cue by moving the mouse. Press the left mouse button and drag to back or front to adjust the power of the shots. You also have the option of adjusting the spin on the cue ball to make shots with maximum impact. With every correct shot you collect points. The game requires that you hurry up because the elapsed time will be subtracted from the total score. Press P anytime you wish to pause the game and compose yourself and concentrate for better performance. Enter your name and choose to play the game in a salon or in a club as per your liking. The game offers smooth game play along with attractive graphics and soothing music that plays while you concentrate in the game. So, the table is set and challenger or the challenges are ready. Have you got the skills to perform like a champion and amuse one and all with your accurate and effective shots? You might need to play the game more than once to get used to but soon you will end up getting addicted to the game.

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3 Responses to Deluxe Pool

  1. aiman yasin says:

    very nice game

  2. gita says:

    ferry good

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