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Pool Master

You love Pool based games and that is probably what has drawn you here to this brilliant online game that you will have playing. Like the name of the game suggests, it is all about displaying your abilities on the gaming table with cue balls and various other colored and number balls, in order to prove that you are the ultimate Pool Master. This online game can be played in Practice mode, Arcade mode, Challenge mode or Vs Computer mode. In Practice mode, you can simply enjoy playing Pool at its best. In Arcade mode, you need to pocket the balls to gain time and score. In Challenge mode, you have to bring out best playing skills to beat 8 challenging levels in the game. In Vs Computer mode, you will be challenged to beat the computer in Straight Pool or 8 Ball Pool. This clear cut online Pool game is out and out a Pool game with no adulteration what so ever. In each mode of the game except the Practice mode, there are many levels and some specific instructions are offered which you will have to comply with during the game play. Generally speaking, the main requirement of the game is to use the cue to strike the cue ball which in turn will strike the colored balls to get them into the pockets. However, all the shots executed must be legal or will be considered a foul which in case is not a helpful or good thing to happen. The red background during the entire game play will definitely not fail to keep you absorbed in the game and you might spend hours playing the game that refreshes you after a hard day at office or any other work.

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4 Responses to Pool Master

  1. Bule cooy says:


  2. ARSALAN ashraf says:

    Nice game

  3. deva elfrianda says:

    lamanya minta ampun!!

  4. agoey says:

    Cara dunload nya gmna??

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