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PowerPool Frenzy

While playing PowerPool Frenzy, always strive to earn very high scores to top the list and prove that you are the best player of the game. The game of Pool has been redefined here in this particular online sport based game that is supposed to be played on the virtual table with virtual cue balls and virtual striking sticks. This game is truly a outstanding package of 10 levels of total PowerPool Mayhem. You will see the table with many different colored balls placed on it. You have to use the computer mouse to click and drag to set power and direction behind every shot that you make. Release to shoot. You can play the shot any time without having to wait for the ball to stop. Make sure that you do not sink the white cue ball into the pockets. Sinking the red balls is your main objective and for each red ball that you sink, you earn 100 points. There are various power up balls available during the game play. If you strike the power balls with the cue ball, you will activate certain effects which actually make this game even more distinguished and fun filled. You ought to check out the features of all the power up galls from the help option in order to use them with good advantage for yourself. Start playing the game and start score points that you set manage to set a new record that other players cannot break. Each level of the game has time limits imposed on them and hence you have to not only make accurate shots but also make them in quickest possible time. This colorful Pool game has nice graphics and sound that only adds to the fun factor associated with the game play. All the best!

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